• we must leave our mark on life while we have it in our power

    - Karen Blixen

Changing the world for one child, one wallet at a time

We have strategically partnered with Convoy of Hope and their feeding initiative FeedONE this Holiday Season to do more than just make great leather stocking stuffers, we want to spread the true meaning of Giving. 

Together, we are using the power of exponential growth to make a positive impact on a child’s future.

Here’s how it works:

You need to find a gift for that friend, family, or co-worker this Holiday Season so the initial “Gift” is going to happen inevitably.  When you find the perfect wallet or travel accessory with us, all you have to do is complete the transaction like normal and then the Power Kicks In.

Every Wallet you purchase, $5 will automatically be “Gifted” and for every Bag You Purchase, $25 will automatically be “Gifted” to Convoy of Hope’s FeedONE Program. 

Each $10 donated will feed 1 child a healthy meal every day for a month!

$120 feeds that same child for an entire school year.

Statistically, 6 of that child’s family members are directly impacted thru the children’s feeding initiative.

This allows them the opportunity to focus on their school work, which in turn, makes their dreams possible and develops leaders that want to give back to their community.

That’s power of exponential growth! Your Gift - Their Future!

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The Speakeasy Leather Brand is more than just making amazing leather goods, its about making a difference in the world!

Carrying on one of the worlds oldest trades

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